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Have you decided to purchase a track saw but don’t know about the use of it? Ok. Just take a breath. 

Actually you know a track saw is a more beneficial cutting tool than the other saw. If you compare this saw with others, definitely you will find extra features here. 

The price of a track saw is high but if you compare it with the feature, it will be a great investment. You can take the taste of a circular saw and a track saw at the same time as this one. 

I guess you don’t know what is a track saw used for. Right? That’s why you are a little bit confused to make your decision. 

Believe me, I assure you that after reading this article, all of your confusion will be disappeared. 

So, why late? Keep reading. 

The ultimate use of a track saw

Track saws are mainly used for the appropriate cutting of short and lengthy woods. And with a track saw, you have the opportunity to cut your woods quickly than the other saws. You know track saws are light in weight and easily portable. 

Now, let’s have a look at what the ultimate use of a track saw. 

The long and straight cut of woods

If you are a track saw user, you have the chance to cut the woods long and straight. You can move it faster than any other saws. But when you use a circular saw, every time you need to ensure that you cut in the guided line. 

But you don’t need to ensure the guided lines again and again when you cut more woods by using a track saw. You get a track with the track saw that gives you the fast and precise cutting experience.

The length of the track provided by the manufacturers is not so long but you can purchase long tracks from the local markets or online. 

Used to cut plywood on the Jobsite

If you are looking for a lightweight saw then track saw is best for you. You can easily carry the track saw with you wherever you need it. You can use the saw for cutting plywoods on the Jobsite. 

When the length of the track and the plywood match with each other, you have the opportunity to operate the track saw to cut the plywoods. There is no need to carry the boards when you use a track saw. 

Used to cut drywall boards 

When you are thinking of using a track saw to cut down drywall boards, you don’t need to be more prepared to handle a lot of dust. Do you know what is the reason behind it? 

A track saw comes with a dust collecting feature. You will find a vacuum just over the blade of the track saw. It will help you to reduce the amount of dust and remain your cutting area tidy and clean.  

Used like the circular saw

Don’t you have a circular saw? No need to be worried. You can use your tack saw like a circular saw. Just remove the track and direct your track saw as the circular saw. 

The price of the track saw is more than a circular saw. But you can get more benefits from a track saw. It’s been a great investment if you purchase a track saw. 

Setting up wood flooring

If you have a wood floor and a track saw, you have the privilege to decorate the floor according to your desire. Just set up the track of the saw over the wood and cut it perfectly. 

What Is A Track Saw Used For

Features of the track saw

  1. Straight cutting ability with a feature of circular cutting. 
  2. Due to the sticky stripe under the track, you do not need a clamp to hold the track in its position. 
  3. Dust collecting features helps you to remain tidy and clean rather than other saws. 
  4. Easy to install over the wood and no measurement needed.
  5. Required a small space to set up. 
  6. Easy to carry. You just need one hand to carry the track saw.
  7. Clean and smooth cuts than the other saws.
  8. Have the facility to add more track with the manufacturer provided track. 

Final verdict

To sum up, it is needless to say, a track saw is the ultimate choice of a modern woodworker. Nowadays, people want to save their time by using smart tools. 

A track saw is one of those tools that cut the woods faster and reduces your stress of working. You don’t need too many skills to operate it. But always go through the user manual before operating a track saw. 

Hopefully, from this article, you’ve got proper ideas about what is a track saw used for. 

Now, just purchase a track saw and enjoy cutting woods!


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