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Have you planned to purchase a bandsaw? Actually, before buying anything, you need to know about things properly. I guess that’s the reason you are here. 

A band saw is a powerful tool that is basically used for cutting woods, metals, and many other materials. And to make an easier and effective cut, a band saw is a very useful tool. That’s a mere introduction of the band saw. 

You know the versatile use of the band saw keeps it at the top choice of the woodworkers as well as the metalworkers. In the advancement of technology, different types and sizes of band saws are available in the market. 

In this article, I will try to give you a clear idea about what is a band saw and the usefulness of this cutting tool. 

So, without wasting time, let’s start. 

What is a bandsaw? 

Simply a bandsaw is a powerful saw consisting of a continuous moving blade, two-blade bearing wheels, and a table for placing materials to cut. In fact, when the blade rotates, it looks like a ribbon. The whole bandsaw working procedure is like an audio cassette tape. 

What Is A Band Saw

When the blades of the bandsaw spin, you only see a small part of the blade. Because most of the part is attached with the wheel and the wheel is completely covered with a metal cover. The blade passes a table and it is actually used for placing the materials that you need to cut. 

Bandsaws are basically used for woodworking. However, you can use it for lumbering and metalworking as well. A motor is attached to the bandsaw for supplying the electrical power to the saw. 

Types of bandsaw: 

Though all the bandsaw available in the market has the same operational process, you will get some variance according to their uses and capabilities. 

Here, I am going to discuss different types of bandsaw that are available in the market and used for different purposes.

According to cutting stuff: 

According to cutting material, Band saws are two types. One is metal cutting bandsaw and the other is a wood cutting bandsaw. Let’s see what’s the difference between them. 

Metal cutting bandsaw

Metal cutting bandsaws have the same operational process as the other bandsaw but the blade is totally different. 

You know for metal cutting, you need a strong blade. For metal cutting, specially designed bandsaw blades are available in the market. These blades help to handle the cutting material properly and minimize the waste as well. 

Woodcutting bandsaw

Band saws are frequently used in the woodworking shop for wood cutting. There are four types of blades found in the market for the wood cutting bandsaw. And they are differentiated according to the tooth style of the blade. 

What Is A Band Saw

Regular/standard, skip, variable, and hook are the four types of most frequently used bandsaw blades tooth styles.

According to cutting directions: 

According to cutting directions, bandsaws are two types. The first one is the vertical bandsaw and the second one is a horizontal bandsaw. 

Vertical cutting bandsaw

Vertical cutting bandsaws use a belt transmission that is basically moved by an electrical motor. The belt adjusts the speed of the blade. 

There is a fixed track for the vertical cutting bandsaw blade. The track is made by combining the upper idler wheel and the lower drive wheel. Bandsaw blades are circular and they are attached with two wheels for spinning. 

Vertical bandsaws are versatile power tools. They can even be used for contours, polishing, filing, and cutting small stock pieces. 

Horizontal cutting bandsaw

Horizontal cutting bandsaws are actually floor mounted tools and typically used for basic cuts such as tubing, irregular pieces, and solid steel. 

The blade of this saw is completely guided by an electric motor. A transmission belt and a pulley are attached to the motor.  And you can easily adjust the speed of the blade when you need it. 

For horizontal cutting, you need to attach the object with vise tightly that you will find at the bed of the saw. Horizontal cutting bandsaws are the best option for you if you want to cut the right angles/ miter angles.  

Floor standing Bandsaw

This type of bandsaw is used by the most professional bandsaw user. These bandsaws are powerful, capable of cutting different sizes of materials. 

Though these bandsaws are really expensive, most of the professionals use this for commercial purposes. Due to its high price and other powerful options, more DIY enthusiasts try to avoid it and choose a smaller and handy one.  

If you need a wide workspace and a large table for cutting objects, then floor standing bandsaw is a real-time solution for you. 

Portable bandsaw

Portable band saws are vastly used for different purposes. These types of bandsaws need a small working space and you can easily move them where you need them. 

These bandsaws are mainly very useful for plumbers for cutting small pipe pieces. Some builders also use these for cutting small metal or plastic pieces. 

Benchtop bandsaw

Benchtop bandsaws are the mobile version of the floor-standing bandsaw. You can easily set it with a solid and flat surface. 

If you are a DIY woodworker, then this bandsaw is a perfect choice for you. It takes a small space to set up. You have the opportunity to choose the size of the benchtop bandsaw according to your needs. 

Meat bandsaw

Meat bandsaw is a popular tool in the meat shop. Butchers frequently use them for trimming down big pieces of meat into small pieces. 

These saws cut down the flesh, bone, and fat by making a little waste. These saws use special types of blades and the working process is similar to the ordinary bandsaws.

Advantages of Bandsaw

  1. Have the ability to cut different types of materials. 
  2. For a perfectly straight cut, bandsaws are equipped with a miter gauge, rip fence, and some advanced features. 
  3. Easy to cut straight and cross-cuts rather than the other cutting tools. 
  4. Give a precise and accurate finish. 
  5. Reduce the amount of wastage due to top quality and thin blade. 

Disadvantages of bandsaw

  1. Only possible to cut limited shapes. 
  2. Take a long time for preparation, cutting, and maintenance. 

Final verdict

I think now a band saw is not an unknown thing for you at all. And if you plan to purchase a band saw, then I hope this article has given you the right direction to choose the perfect one. 

Hopefully, from this article, you’ve got a clear idea of what is a band saw, it’s types, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Now, take your decision to spend your money in the right way and enjoy cutting with your bandsaw. 


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