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Recently I saw one of my friends using a bandsaw. Before that, as a woodworker, I knew nothing about the band saw and its use. Then I tried to gather information about the use of the band saw. 

I guess you are in the same state which I passed a few days ago. If so, no need to be anxious. This article will let you meet your inner thirst about the uses of the band saw. 

Actually, due to the versatile use of the bandsaw, people prefer it more rather than the other saw. And bandsaws are suitable for wood, metal, and meat cutting as well. You will have the opportunity to use the bandsaw for making different cuts and designs. Seems great! Right? 

I designed this article to give you the right conception about what is a band saw used for.

So, let’s dive in. 

Uses of Band saw

A band saw has a versatile use to the woodworkers and the metalworkers. And the potentiality and the versatility of a band saw bring it in the top position of the woodworkers as well as the metalworker’s choice. 

Let’s see why they prefer band saw most.

1. Cutting straight line

As a woodworker, if you think about the easiest cuts, the straight line is one of them. Every band saw is capable of cutting a straight line. 

If you use the band saw for the first time, then a straight cut is the easiest cut that you need to try. 

Cutting a straight cut is really simple. Just mark the cutting line by using a marker, pencil, or pen over the object. Ensure the straight line by using a measuring scale for accurate cutting.

Now, hold the object firmly by using hands otherwise you miss the straight line. Use the fence if you have shaky hands or if you are a newbie. The fence will help you to cut the straight line accurately.

2. Making relief cut

If you want to make a relief cut, then a band saw is a useful tool for you. The blade becomes bound when you try to make a curve cut. So, you need to fix it by making a relief cut. 

When you try to cut a small radius curve cut,  then the possibility of bending the blade is more. In that position, the relief cut is helpful for you. 

In the unnecessary part of the object, cut a straight cut up to the mark position and back from that position in the same process. Now, find out the places where you think the blade has the possibility to bind. Continue the same process for those areas. Actually this is called the relief cut. 

3. Making a curve cut

For making a curve cut, the band saw is one of the best tools available in the market. As I mentioned above, making a curve cut is completely related to the relief cut. And an accurate relief cut helps you to create an accurate curve cut. 

First, use a marker to draw the curve cut position and the relief cut as well. Before cutting the curve cut, make the relief cut.

If you cut the relief cut first, then it will become easy for you to make a curve cut. Actually, the relief cut reduces the chance of blade binding. 

4. Resawing

Resawing is the process of cutting the large sheet into smaller and thin pieces. If you have a band saw, then resawing is an easy and comfortable process for you. 

In fact, it has the ability to make a large log into smaller portions without creating any difficulties. Moreover, resawing helps you to create more goods from one piece of a large log. 

5. Making veneer

Making a veneer is really a difficult task. But if you have a band saw, then you can easily make a veneer. You can rip down a log into small pieces used for the same purposes. 

Don’t be upset if you have a small piece of wood. Rip it into several pieces by a band saw and use them to fulfill your purpose. 

6. Making lamination

The process in which you can bend several thin sections of the wood to make your desired design and shape is called lamination. You can do a better lamination with a band saw rather than the other saw. 

What Is A Band Saw Used For

After cutting the thin sections, use glue to attach them together to make your desired shape. Wait for a while after applying the glue. Let it be dried before making lamination. 

7. Cutting small logs

If you have a band saw, making small cuts is really a piece of cake for you. The small size of the band saw blade allows you to cut small pieces from large logs. 

You can use these small pieces for your own purposes, even if you can sell them. Thus a band saw creates an opportunity for you to earn some extra bucks. 

8. Making perfect circles

Making a perfect circle with a bandsaw is really a simple task. Use a marker to draw a circle over the wood. Find out the circle center and create a hole in the center. 

Now, take a nail and insert it into the center hole. Now turn the material over the table of the bandsaw by maintaining a 90-degree angle between the blade and the nail. You will get a perfect circle easily. 

9. Cutting metal

As I said earlier, a band saw is a versatile tool. You can use a bandsaw for metal cutting also. All you need to just change the blade. For metal cutting, you need a specially designed blade. 

After changing the blade, hold the metal object properly with your hands and cut it according to your needs. 

10. Cutting meat

In the contemporary meat shop, butchers use the bandsaw for cutting meats. It is a very useful tool to cut the meat and the bones altogether. It requires less time to cut meat with a band saw. 

That’s all about the use of a band saw. 


  • Keep your hand in a safe position when the band saw blade is spinning. 
  • Wear proper safety clothes and hear protection when operating the band saw. 
  • When cutting a curve cut, don’t try to move the wood backward. It will bind the blade and have the possibility to occur in an unwanted accident. 

Final verdict

I think, now you know why most of the people prefer band saws for their regular woodworking and metalworking purposes. 

Actually it’s a matter of time to acquire all the uses of a band saw. Believe me, when you will know all the uses of the band saw properly, operating a bandsaw will be no more trouble for you.  

Hopefully, from this article, you got a clear concept of what a band saw used for. 

Now, learn all the uses and have fun!  


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