How To Use A Track Saw

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Are you wondering where to get an ultimate guide on how to use a track saw? If so, you have come to the right place.

You know track saws are considered as the most effective tools among DIYers and professional woodworkers. And track saws are mainly used for cutting wood. 

Moreover, you will also be able to cut accurate straight lines through sheet materials, trim doors, and floors as well.

Confusing can be made by someone who will use a track saw at first. Don’t worry. We have come here with an ultimate guide on using track saws.

So, don’t be late. Let’s dive into the below content for more details. 

The Guide Of How To Use A Track Saw    

We have interviewed many saw experts before making this guide. And after 2 days of careful research on track saws, we have made this guide for users.  

Select The Right Saw Blade And Adjust 

It is one of the most important factors that you should consider when using a track saw. And you should use the right blade for cutting wood.

In addition, you can choose the blade with 160mm diameter as well as around arbor bore of 20mm. And then you confirm a blade that should be very sharpened so that it can cut wood or other materials smoothly as well. 

How To Use A Track Saw

If you use a damaged blade that not only gives you the wrong cut but it also can cut your fingers dramatically. So you should use the right type, blade before cutting wood.

On the other hand, your saw blade can be broken due to the proper adjustment of the blade guard. So be careful when you will adjust the track saw blade guard.   

Adjust Cutting Depth

It is another most important factor that you should do before cutting wood. And you correctly set the cutting depth of your track saw so that you can determine how deeply the blade cuts. 

The manufacturer of this saw usually suggests avoiding cutting depth less than ⅛”. But we suggest that the depth shouldn’t be so deep when you cut wood. 

Furthermore, you should adjust the depth enough so that you don’t face the risks of blade damage and kickbacks.

Use a Rail Track

You know track saws are powered by a high-performance motor. And that’s why you will get enough speed when cutting wood or other materials. 

A rail track is a very essential thing that can make accurate cuts. And it is attached and secured to the work-piece using F-clamps. 

Moreover, the rail track is also considered as a safety feature that you should use when you will do work using a track saw.  

Check On The Cutting Path

You know track saw is not only effective for cutting straight cuts but it also perfect for making plunge cuts. 

Basically, straight cuts are easier than plunge cuts. So you should adjust safety features when cutting plunge cuts. 

How To Use A Track Saw

Moreover, you must check on the cutting path when you cut wood based on measurements.  

Do Practice By Using Scrap Wood

You know practice is very important before final projects. That’s why you do practice by cutting scrap wood. 

In addition, you can get the exact alignment of the blade through regular practice. So do continue the practice until the final projects. 

Final Verdict:

Thanks for carefully reading this whole article. We think you have enjoyed more as well as got all the effective information as a guide on how to use a track saw.

We strongly believe that now you are able to use a track saw. And you have known all essential points that not only help to operate track saw but also it helps to operate other saws as well. 

Frequently speaking, this article can be helpful to you all. Besides, it can be an ultimate guide for new users of track saw. 

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