How To Cut A Straight Line With A Router

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If you want to reveal you like a wood artist, then a router is a perfect tool for you. Hey, don’t be serious. I am just kidding. If you are not even an artist, you can use the wood router. 

Actually a wood router is a powerful tool and mainly used for cutting and crafting woods. But controlling a router is a bit difficult for the beginners. 

You know when you take full control over the router, it is easy for you to learn how to cut a straight line with a router and how to craft woods by using it. 

In my point of view, when you learn the appropriate operation of a wood router, you don’t need any other tools to cut the woods. 

For cutting a straight line with a router you just need precision and proficiency. 

In this article, we are going to describe the detailed process of how to cut a straight line with a router. 

Let’s see. 

The process of cutting a straight line with a router

You need to acquire some skills if you want to cut a straight line with a router. And with a router, you are capable of shaping and cutting your woods easily, but performing this you need accuracy.  

Follow the steps outlined below to cut a straight line with a router.

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Install Router Bit

Install the proper router bit with the router and tighten the nut for a secure cut. 

Step #2: Adjust The Cutting Depth

Fixed the depth of cut in the router. Go through the user manual of the router for setting up the depth of cut because different wood routers have different ways to adjust the depth of cut. 

Step #3: Set Clamp to Secure The Wood

Place the wood that you want to cut in a secure platform. Use clamps to secure the wood with the platform. Note that it is an important step because if the wood moves in the time of cutting, it may cause damages to the wood. 

Check the platform so that it can adequately take the weight of the wood and endure the pressure of the cutting. Set a T-square with the wood to cut the straight lines. 

Step #4: Hold The Router Firmly And Start

Now, hold the wood router steadily to start the cutting operation. Hold it tightly because when you turn on the power, it may start vibrating. If you lose the grip, it will ruin your wood and it is also likely to cause serious damage to you. 

When the wood router bit rotates clockwise, then you might route your wood leftward to rightward. Route your wood rightward to leftward when the wood router bit rotates anti-clockwise. 

Step #5: Adjust The Router Speed

It’s a little bit difficult for the newbie to set the speed of the wood router. When you take full control over the router, then set the speed of the router, and cut a straight line.

Do not route the router too slowly or too quickly. If you route the router too slowly, it can burn down your wood. And when you route the router too quickly, it may cause overheating of the router and break your wood into tiny pieces. 

Recommendations for using a wood router

Before starting to cut a straight line with a wood router, just follow these recommendations. These will help you to ensure an appropriate cut.

  1. Ensure the appropriate installation of the wood router bit. 
  2. Don’t forget to tighten the nut of the router bit.
  3. Check the bit of the router before cutting. It must be neat and sharp for a smooth cut.
  4. Go through the user manual to set the proper speed of the wood router bit. 
  5. If you want to get rid of dust and wood clippings, install a dust collection chamber with the router. 


  1. Wear hand gloves and goggles to save your hands and eye from any kind of unwanted injury. 
  2. Take ear protection because a wood router makes too much noise in the time of operating. 

Final verdict

Truly, cutting a straight line with a router is a troublesome task for the beginners. But when you acquire an accurate process, you will just love the tool. 

Always follow the user manual before operating the tool to avoid any kind of unforeseen accidents. 

Hopefully, by following the above-mentioned process you got the appropriate guideline on how to cut a straight line with a router. 

Now, get a grip on a wood router and have fun!

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