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Ryobi Table Saws will fit your needs and budgets as well. Most importantly, these table saws come with outstanding performance. You can also check our best table saw reviews.

Now let’s have a closure look at the best Ryobi table saws for sale to get the most suited one for you.

Here Is The Top 10 Ryobi Table Saw 2021

1. Ryobi RTS22 10 in. Table Saw with Folding Stand

Ryobi RTS22 10 in. Table Saw with Folding Stand Ryobi Table Saw
Ryobi RTS22 10 in. Table Saw with Folding Stand Ryobi Table Saw


  • With its 15-amp powerful motors
  • You can cut a variety of materials perfectly and efficiently.
  • It comes with the tool-less and Quick Folding design
  • With this heavy-duty table saw, you can perform multiple tasks. 
  • Perfect for woodworkers, metal workers, home owners, mechanics and so on.
  • It also can be used for repair and renovation.
  • The top surface of this table saw is made from top-quality aluminum that makes it compact and lightweight. 

Every tool user has a thought on their head that the product they want to buy must be high-performance, and top-quality at a cheap price. For this reason, Ryobi stands with the RTS22 10 in. Portable Table Saw, which is one of the best portable table saws on the market. This unit is a perfect addition for those who are looking for a decent table saw for simple DIY home improvement projects and professional woodworking projects as well. So it is really great for homeowners as well as professionals. 

If you are a carpenter and if you mostly work with wood for making furniture, it is strongly recommended for you to use this great table saw. It comes with loads of stunning features. It is perfect for smoother and faster operation. To be honest, with this price range, it is an undefeatable unit. 

One of the best things about the Ryobi RTS22 10 inch Portable Table Saw is that it comes with a foldable design that makes it super portable. It is featured with a Quickly Foldable Stand. More importantly, it comes with improved performance that makes it more efficient to repair, renovate the wooden items. Even if, it is capable of performing multiple woodworking projects. 

The device itself features all the necessary accessories, including rip fence, miter gauge, wrenches, and push stick to mention a few. All the accessories are perfectly placed on the table saw. The standard miter gauge will allow you to cut the materials with your preferred angle and high-precision. On the other hand, the push stick controls the movement of workspaces that helps to shape the materials perfectly. Another remarkable feature is that it can be utilized with a dado throat plate, which is not included. You have to buy it separately. The table saw also features a blade guard for ensuring safety. 

Apart from the woodworkers, the table saw also can be used by mechanics or metal workers. One thing I forget to mention is that the model is equipped with a 24T Carbide Tipped Blade. With this ultra-sharp blade, you will get clear and accurate cuts. You can opt with this table saw with confidence as it comes with most of the important features.  

2. Ryobi Universal Router Table Saw with Adjustable Fence A25rt03 Nib

Ryobi Universal Router Table Saw with Adjustable Fence A25rt03 Nib Ryobi Table Saw


  • The Ryobi Universal Router Table Saw is a budget-friendly model.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • 28” adjustable rip fence.
  • Features feather board.
  • It comes with the laminated MDF tabletop.
  • It also features a miter gauge as well as a miter gauge slot.
  • It comes with an efficient dust collection system.

This is a new model in the market. As it is a budget-friendly model you can choose it with confidence. One of the best things about this model is that it is compact and lightweight, measuring 16″ x 32″ in dimensions and weighs only 28 lbs. The model features a 15 Amp powerful motor that is capable enough to handle your cutting tasks. It comes with a 28″ rip fence for cutting large materials. The rip fence is adjustable and it is equipped with 3/4″ sacrificial MDF pieces as well as aluminum T-track.

Moreover, it is fitted with an articulating router cutter bit guard. It also incorporates a feather board as well as a laminated MDF tabletop. Apart from that, The model incorporates a miter gauge and miter gauge slot as well. These will guide you to cut the materials more precisely. It is also fitted with 5 throat plates as well as a built-in vacuum port that is compatible with most of the routers. As it features the dust collection system, your working place won’t be dirt. So it is a great one for sure.

3. Ryobi 7 in. Tabletop Tile Saw

Ryobi 7 in. Tabletop Tile Ryobi Table Saw
Ryobi 7 in. Tabletop Tile Ryobi Table Saw


  • It is loaded with impressive features.
  • The table saw is very cost-effective.
  • Incorporates a 7-inch ultra-sharp blade.
  • It also features a sliding base.
  • It also incorporates an easy glide table.
  • Perfect for tile cutting.

The best thing about Ryobi is that it doesn’t compromise with the quality. It offers premium-quality products at affordable prices. More importantly, it is a brand that knows its position. Basically, this is not designed for professionals. It is aimed for homeowners and simple DIYers who do not need a heavy-duty table saw for professional works. So if you are a homeowner or DIYer and if you do not spend a big buck for the table saw, then this is the most suitable for you. 

The 7-inch Ryobi wet tile saw offers impressive features at an affordable price. With this versatile saw, you can get your job done first with the most efficiency. If you have this cost-effective saw, you do not need to rent a tile saw for a short project. 

You can easily get started with the cutting and beveling as well with this beginner-friendly wet tile saw. The Ryobi wet tile saw incorporates a 7-inch blade for efficient cutting. Apart from that, it comes with a sliding base, so you can work safely and smoothly. More importantly, the unit comes with a rip guide that makes sure precision cutting at a variety of angles. For efficient tile cutting, the model is loaded with a special feature: “end of cut reminder” which will remind you that the cut is over. It also features a beveled block, with which you can scribe the bevels into the tile edges.  

Even though the Ryobi 7 in. Tabletop Tile Saw is a low budget unit, it performs great. It always offers smoother and safer operations. One thing I have to mention again is that its motor is really powerful enough to tackle the tile cutting jobs effectively and efficiently. The most remarkable feature is its easy-glide table. Overall, this is a great cost-effective product for DIY homeowners.  

4. Ryobi RTS11 10 in. Portable Table Saw with Rolling Stand

Ryobi RTS11 10 in. Portable Table Saw with Rolling Stand Ryobi Table Saw


  • It comes with a steel roll cage design that enhances strength and durability.
  • The powerful 15-amp motor that makes it highly efficient to make the toughest job done fast. 
  • The unit also comes with a removable folding stand that makes it easy to use and portable as well. 
  • It also incorporates an integrated extension table for more flexible operation.
  • The table saw also features a cast-aluminum tabletop for a flat and smooth operation.  
  • It also incorporates a built-in dust port that supports almost all types of hoses.  
  • For added more support, it includes a tool-free outfeed extension. 
  • The table saw comes up with onboard storage for accessories.

Ryobi comes with some high-performance table saws. RTS11 is one of the most popular models among them. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or professional woodworker, this portable table saw will meet your working needs. It is the most suitable for home improvement projects, furniture manufacturing, and renovation tasks. Basically, it’s the best option for a budget.

The expensive model offers only all the must-have features. But you will be amazed to know that the RTS11 model offers most of the must-have features. To be more specific, the  RTS11 provides you outstanding performance and efficiency with this price range. 

The Ryobi RTS11 comes with a flexible design that makes it easy to use. Even though the unit is compact and lightweight, it is extremely durable due to its steel roll cage design. The table saw features a stand, with which you can make your job done perfectly. 

Moreover, this unit has outstanding rip capacity thanks to its powerful motor and 12-inch right of the sharp blade and 8-inch left as well.   On the other hand, you’ll get a dado blade with this unit that you can install up to ½- inch with a dado throat plate. These configurations make it a great tool for woodworking projects. 

In addition, the Ryobi RTS11 10 in. Portable Table Saw is loaded with enough safety features. First of all, the unit incorporates a flexible and safe-to-use fence. You can tighten this fence by locking down in the front as well as back position. So it is outstandingly safe and secure to use. Even if, you can easily adjust the fence depending on your needs. Apart from that, the model equips a screw on the back of the fence to make it more secure. More importantly, you can tighten and loosen the fence with the back locking system. Best of all, the table saw features blade guard that makes sure safe operation.  

How to Choose The Best Ryobi  Table Saws for The Money

If you take woodwork seriously, a table saw is the tool you can rely on. With the best table saw, you can make a variety of cuts such as bevel, cross, compounds, miter, and rip cuts. Apart from that, you can make a table saw more functional and versatile with its accessories. The table saw is undefeatable for woodworking. 

One of the best things about the table saw is that the table saw is more effective and efficient for woodworking than those of other standard saws. To be more specific, the table saw offers more precision cuts as it is equipped with a miter gauge and fence. These will assist you to cut with high-precision. 

Now I have imagined this article as a complete guide that covers almost everything you need to know while remaining precise enough to be read immediately.

Here are the considerations for choosing the best Ryobi table saws


Table saws differ depending on the motor type. The smaller portable table saws have direct-drive motors that are operated with 120 V circuits and can produce up to 2 HP. This is enough to cut thinner materials.

The most powerful table saws (and generally stationary) have motors with a power between 3 and 5 HP and rely on a belt drive to transfer the motor power to the saw blade. These work with 240V.

Table Saw Blades

Table saw blades are generally divided according to diameter, shaft size, number of teeth, cutting size, speed, application and the materials used for their construction. Most commercially available table saws have 10″ or 12″ blades, while there are some models that have blades as small as 5 “and as large as afoot. You can choose the number of teeth, ranging from 24 to 100. You can also choose the carbide tipped and carbon blade for cutting other materials. If you have enough budget, then the diamond-tipped blade is for you. 

Fence and Miter Gauge

The fence is one of the most essential parts of the table saw. As a matter of fact, you will get more benefits from the table saw that is equipped with a fence. However, there are different types of fences out there, but the T-square fence is the most popular type that comes with a robust design. The rip is not possible without a fence. 

On the other hand, a miter gauge is a must-have accessory for angled or crosscut. 

Safety Features

It’s a must-have feature that you can’t overlook anyway. When you work with a table saw, you have to deal with a sharp blade. Working with an ultra-sharp blade is too risky as it spins at thousands of rpm (revolution per minute). So you must be careful while working. You have to be careful about kickbacks that may happen while cutting. Most importantly, you have to make sure that your table saw comes with enough security features. To be more specific, you should look for blade guards, anti-kickback pawls with your table saw. These safety features will make sure your safety. 


You should choose the model that comes with most of the necessary parts and accessories. More specifically, the on/off switches, wheels, table extension, saw blade,  dust collection system, on-board storage system are very crucial to work with conveniently. So you have to make sure that your table saw is equipped with these types of accessories that will increase the functionality of the saw. These will also help you to use it with ease, and also increase the cutting capacity.

Your table saw would be the best woodworking machine with a range of upgrades and accessories such as a better saw blade or dado blade, a milling table, a cross slide, various templates, mold heads, etc. It is difficult to cover all of this as contractors generally manufacture them on their own and are constantly presenting new options that increase the overall capacity of table saws.

How To Change Ryobi Table Saw Blade?

Saw blade is one of the most crucial accessories of a table saw. It is available in different sizes. In other words, it varies from model to model. It should be placed after a certain time. After a while, you should change the blades of your table saw. If you use the table saw frequently, the blade may loosen the sharpness and cutting capacity. You should change the saw blade of the table saw to achieve maximum performance with the table saw if you use the table saw most frequently.

To change the table saw blade some essential components are required such as a screwdriver, a wrench and a small piece of wood. Surely, you have to buy a new table saw blade that you want to replace with the old and useless one.

The Steps Of Changing The Table Saw Blades

Follow the following steps to change the Ryobi table saw blades easily. 

Step 1: Turn off the power

First of all, you have to press the power button to switch off the table saw. Disconnect the saw from the power source in order to make sure the safety. Wait for a while to make sure that the table saw is completely unloaded from the power source.

Step 2 – Displace the blade plate

In this step, remove the saw blade plate from the table saw. Basically, the saw blade plate is made up of metal, and it is placed on the top of the table saw. The saw blade plate is fitted with at least a pair of screws: first one is at the front and the other at the back. Therefore, you need to loosen these screws to remove this from the table saw. Then put the blade plate in a safe place.

Step 3 – Displace the blade

Would you like to change the table saw blade from the table saw? All right, now it’s time to remove the table saw blade from the Ryobi table saw. Try to place a piece of wood in relation to the blade to avoid kickbacks.

Then you have to displace the nut with a wrench in order to remove the blade from the saw. Afterwards, keep it in a safe place.

Step 4 – Install a new blade

Now you are at the peak of installing a new blade. First of all, insert the new saw blade into the saw blade housing with the saw blade teeth facing forward. By washing the new finished plate, you have to make it clean.  Then place it properly on the table saw as well as tighten the new saw blade with a wrench. To avoid accidental matters, you also place a wooden piece here with respect to the saw blade. 

Step 5 – Replace the blade plate

It is the final stage! Like the saw blade, you also need to replace the blade plate. So after placing the blade plate properly, you have to tighten it with a set of screws and screwdrivers. Then the table saw would be ready to use. 

Step 6 – Reconnect the power

Congratulations! You have changed the table saw blade successfully. Now you need to check that it is working properly. Reconnect it with the power sources, and then turn on the power button of the table saw. Try to cut a piece of wood for a test purpose. Hope it will be okay.


Without a doubt, security would be the main concern for you while changing the table saw blade as it is too sharp. If you are not comfortable with the table saw blade to change it safely, please hire a professional who can help you to change the blade on your behalf.  

About Ryobi

RYOBI is one of the most innovative and largest companies in the world, which produces the best power tools for homeowners for the money. It is one of the cheapest brands specializing in the manufacture of power tools and outdoor products that are really economical. In fact, Ryobi is the name that millions of do-it-yourselfers have chosen for its reliable but affordable products.

Ryobi has done many things to differentiate its power tools from other manufacturers. More specifically, this company focuses on developing power tools that fit your budget and provide functional options that are most important to homeowners.

With an outstanding amount of time and effective research, Ryobi offers power tools that are reliable, and affordable. Most importantly, Ryobi power tools come with excellent performance.   

After all, I’d say when it comes to choosing the best table saw for the money, it’s a wise decision to opt with the Ryobi.


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