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You know a Ryobi table saw is an extremely useful power tool for cutting wood smoothly. And you also can use it for cutting other materials as well. 

Moreover, the Ryobi table saws come with different shapes, and sizes.  And this brand saws can be the best suited for those who are looking for the most powerful and handy saw for wood projects.

But a question usually can be made by users on how to use the Ryobi table saw?

Well. Get relaxed. We have come here with an ultimate guide for you. And you will get all the effective information step by step here.

Waiting to know more? Let’s drive below for more.  

The Guide On How To Use Ryobi Table Saw

We have discussed with many saw experts or carpenters before making this guide. And after 24 hours of successful research, we have made this guide for user needs.  

Install The Blade Guard

First of all, you should install the blade guard. And you need to remove the throat plate when you will install the blade guard. Next, unlock the riving knife lock lever with proper measurement. 

How To Use Ryobi Table Saw

Moreover, you can increase the riving knife to the up position. And you return the lock lever to the locked exact position and again reinstall the throat plate.

You should press and hold the button on the side of Paul’s for the anti-kickback. And you confirm to align the center over the rear hole of the riving knife and release. 

If you don’t adjust the blade guard parallelly to the table, then the riving knife can’t be in the up position. You should lock the guard lever into place after confirming the riving knife is in the correct position. And you need to assure secure fitment before cutting wood. 

Take One With Perfect Size

The size of the saw is very important when using it for different work. That’s why you should choose the correct size saw before starting your projects.

However, if you purchase the wrong size saw, then you won’t be able to do the heavy-duty job by using it. So you should choose a saw with the perfect size for your projects. 

Test Using A Scrap Wood

You must practice by using scrap wood. By using scrap wood you surely will be able to figure out the exact alignment of the blade before final projects. 

How To Use Ryobi Table Saw

In addition, if you get proper alignment of the blade, then you will be able to cut for final projects. So collect some scrap woods for practicing properly.   

Different Types Of Cuts  

You know Ryobi Table saws come with various blades so that you can use them for different cuts. Moreover, each blade of the saw has its specific cutting technique. So you can choose one based on your requirements. 

  1. Rip cuts: Rip cuts are considered as an amazing cutting operation along the length of the workpiece. And you can cut parallelly with the grain of the material.
  2. Cross Cuts: Crosscut isn’t the same as normal cuts. And it against the grain or width of the materials that are typically performed using miter gauges.
  3. Bevel cut:  It is the very easiest cut and you just adjust the depth of the base plate and start cutting. 
  4. Angle cut: You just need to slide the base of the saw squire up for angle cut. And you ensure the blade’s movement during cutting at a particular angle.          

Final Thought:

Reading the whole article you have got the most effective information as a guide on how to use a Ryobi table saw.

Moreover, you also have known some very important cuts by using Ryobi table saws. And now you’re able to operate this saw confidently.  

Luckily, this article can be helpful to you all, but additionally, it can be an ultimate guide for beginners who want to use a Ryobi table saw.   


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