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Are you looking for a complete guide on how to set up a bandsaw? If yes, then you have reached in the right area avoiding others.

A bandsaw is one of the most effective power tools for cutting wood now. And it also can be used for cutting other hard materials as well. For that, you just need to change the blade.

However, if you don’t have enough ideas on how to set up a bandsaw, then you can have injury dramatically. Don’t worry. We have come here with a comprehensive guide based on bandsaws.  

Eager to know more? Let’s drive to the below content to know more.   

The Guide Of How To Set Up A Bandsaw   

We have interviewed many saw experts before making this guide. And after one day of successful research on bandsaws, we have made this guide for user’s needs.  

Align the Blade

It is one of the most important factors when you will set up a bandsaw. And it can give you a good result when cutting wood or other materials as well. 

How To Set Up A Bandsaw

Moreover, you should install the blade of the bandsaw. And then you can apply just enough tension to keep the blade securely on the wheels.

You must use the tracking adjustment of the blade when you will turn the wheel by hand. And you should fix the deepest part of the gullet with the center of the top wheel.

Tension the Blade

If your bandsaw is particularly inaccurate, then you should ignore the tenon meter. Alternatively, you can use the tension of the blade if your finger has the ability to deflect the blade by about ¼ inches.

Furthermore, you can apply enough pressure to the blade for adjusting properly. And then you confirm that the blade is still working well and tracking exactly with the gullet in the center of the top wheel.

Side Guides (Front to Back)

It is another most effective feature that you should know when setting up a bandsaw. And you should mark the front of the side guides about 1/16 inches back according to the deepest part of the blade gullets. 

Moreover, this proper adjustment is very effective for both the top as well as bottom guides. So you surely will get amazing performance from the saw blade. 

Square The Table

It is a very important thing that you need to consider when setting up a bandsaw. And you can use approximately (2×4 or 2×6) square the table for a partial cut into the face of the board. And then you just turn the saw off, then you flip the board around and you must try to get the blade to slide into the cut slot. 

How To Set Up A Bandsaw

You have to understand the measurement of the table can be 90 degrees to the blade if it slides smoothly without resistance. On the other hand, if it can’t slide easily, then you should adjust to the table and test again. 

Adjust The Fence

You need to adjust the fence parallelly with the body of the blade. And you should use proper technique until the right adjustment.

In addition, you make sure that the ruler of the fence is fixed properly on the body of the blade between the teeth. If you use a long enough ruler, then you easily may understand the adjustment of the fence by eye.

Test By Cutting Scrap Wood

You can start the practice by cutting scrap wood. And you definitely will be able to find out the alignment of the blade before final projects. 

Moreover, if you are capable of finding an alignment of the blade, then you may be ready for final projects. So you just set up a bandsaw properly. 

Final Thought:

Hopefully, you have enjoyed more after reading this whole article. And you have found all the effective information as a guide on how to set up a bandsaw. 

We strongly believe that now you are able to set up a bandsaw by hand. Additionally, you have a known cutting process by using scrap wood. So you can start your job based on your needs.  

This article can be helpful to you all, but it also can be a comprehensive guide for those users who don’t have enough ideas about setting up a bandsaw. 


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