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Sometimes a small mistake in measurement can cause misery. I feel it. Because last time when I wanted to replace my Bandsaw tire, I needed to measure my bandsaw tire. But I took a wrong measurement and it made me so upset when I bought a new one. 

Do you want to make the same mistake? I guess you don’t. Right? No worries! I want to share my real experience with you. 

You know due to long time use, the bandsaw tire loses its tension. And as the bandsaw blade is run over the tire, you need to keep the tire in good condition. 

You can do it yourself home. But without a perfect measurement, it’s become a difficult task for you. 

In this article, I will try to give you a clear concept of how to measure Band saw tires. 

So, without delay, let’s dive in. 

The process to measure Band saw tires

Actually taking the measurement of the band saw tires is really a simple process. However, you need to ensure the right measurement. Because according to this measurement you need to buy a new tire for your band saw. 

Let’s see how to measure it. You just need to follow the following 2 steps to take perfect measurements of your Band saw tires. 

How To Measure Band Saw Tires

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Measure Wheel’s Diameter

At first, take the measurement of the Band saw wheel’s diameter. Take the measurement into inches. 

Step #2: Subtract 2 Inches

Now, from the taken measurement, subtract only 2 inches to take the actual measurement. 

It’s all about taking the measurement of the band saw tires. 

But you know if you don’t know how to remove the tire from the wheel and how to install it, it becomes meaningless to take the measurement of the tire. 

It is really important to know the removing and installing process of the tires from the wheel. If you know that properly, you can replace it at home easily. 

So let’s see how to remove the Band saw tires from the wheel. 

How to remove Band saw tire: 

For removing the band saw tires from the wheel, you just need a flathead screwdriver. Place the screwdriver between the tire and the wheel. Tilt the head of the screwdriver to bring out the tire from the wheel. 

After removing the tire, you need to install a new tire. Actually there are two types of tires available in the market. One is a rubber tire and the other is a urethane tire. 

A rubber tire is easily affordable but if you need a long time solution, then you need to spend some extra money for a urethane tire. 

Let’s have a look at the installation process. Follow the steps outlined below to install the tires in a Bandsaw wheel. 

How to Install a rubber tire:

Required tools: 

  • Two C clamps 
  • Two ¼ Inch thick scrap wood pieces
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • Rubber adhesive
  • A small pipe

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Place The Rubber Tire

Place the rubber tire part in the wheels on one side.  

Step #2: Set Clamp

Place one piece of scrap wood over the tire and set the clamp tightly on that side. Repeat the same process for the opposite side of the wheel. 

Step #3: Set the Tire Properly

After attaching both clamps, pull the remnant part of the rubber tire to set it properly with the wheel. 

Step #4: Insert Small Pipe Between Tire And Wheel

Take a flathead screwdriver and place it between the tire and the wheel. Pry the rubber tire away from the Band saw wheel and insert a small pipe in that place. 

Step #5: Roll The Pipe

To equalize the tire tension, roll the small pipe around the circumference of the Bandsaw wheel. 

Step #6: Apply Adhesive

Now, apply some adhesive underside to the tire when the pipe is placed between the tire and the wheel. Apply the adhesive in the whole tire and press the tire to set it properly with the wheel. 

How To Measure Band Saw Tires

How to Install the urethane tire: 

Required tools: 

  • Warm water
  • Small bucket
  • Dishwashing soap
  • A clamp

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Mix Water And Soap

Pour some warm water into a small bucket and add some dishwashing soap into the water.

Step #2: Submerge The Urethane Tire

Now, submerged the urethane tire into the warm water. Wait at least five minutes before removing the tire from warm water. 

Step #3: Remove The tire

After five minutes, remove the urethane tire from the warm water. 

Step #4: Attach Clamp

Place the urethane tire part in the wheels on one side. Attach the clamp tightly in that place. 

Step #5: Pull The Remnant Part

Now, pull the remnant part of the tire around the Bandsaw wheel rim. 

Step #6: Remove The Clamp

When the tire is fully set with the wheel, get off the clamp from the wheel. wait a while to make the tire cool.  


  • Carefully attach the clamps with the wheel. Otherwise, it will be a cause of an unwanted accident.
  • Don’t touch the water when submerging the urethane tire in the warm water. 

Final verdict: 

I think now you can easily take a perfect measurement of your Bandsaw tire. Actually taking a measurement of a Bandsaw tire is really a simple process. 

You don’t need an expert person for doing this task. You can easily do this at home. 

Hopefully, from this article, you got a clear idea of how to measure Band saw tires and how to remove them as well as installing them.  

So, why late? Take a perfect measurement and install your bandsaw tire. 


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