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Do you want to make wooden sawhorses at home? I guess you want to. That’s why you are here. 

You know making sawhorses is not a troublesome task. It is all about a task of concentration and measurement. 

Sawhorses work as a support if you want to cut any woods or paint your home door. It’s really an effective tool and you can easily use those as an alternative to the table. It takes a small space to set as well. 

Now come to the crucial fact. I guess you have no idea how to make wooden horses. If so, so what? 

In this article, you will get an effective guideline to make wooden seahorses. 

So, let’s see how to make it. 

How To Make Wooden Saw Horses

An effective guide for making wooden sawhorses

Sawhorses is a day to day life companion when you work as a carpenter. You know making wooden sawhorses will become a file task if you have all materials close to your hand. You will need around 40-50 minutes to make a pair of wooden seahorses. 

Let’s see what are the materials that will help you make an effective sawhorse. 

Required tools: 

  • Wood
  • A circular saw
  • Measurement tape
  • An angle square
  • A hammer
  • Some nails.

That’s all you need to arrange before making a wooden sawhorse. Now follow the steps stated below to get a proper guideline. 

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Purchase Or Cut Woods

Purchase five 8 foot 2x4s pre-cut blocks of woods. Note that you must measure the block of woods before purchasing for making a perfect wooden sawhorse. 

Or if you have woods, then cut or split them according to the same measurement to make them lighter in weight. Try to choose rot and canker resistant wood. It will help you to use the sawhorses in any kind of weather. 

Step #2: Take The Height Measurement

Now place all the woods and line up them over a table for marking purposes. Take the measurement tape and mark horizontally at 32 inches and 64 inches in all boards at a time.

If you need more working height, then measure the woods according to your needs. 

Step #3: Cut The Measured Wood

It’s time to cut the measured woods. Take the circular saw and cut them according to the measurement. 

Step #4: Make An I-Beam

For making an I-beam of the sawhorse, take 2 wooden pieces. Place one wooden piece on top of the other and mark 1 inch away from both sides. Now place another wood vertically between those woods and align them in the marked position. 

To attach the beam together, just insert two 8d nails. It will give the beam the perfect strength to take any kind of pressure. 

Step #5: Make Horse Leg

When the beam is completely ready, mark the leg position of the sawhorse. Take the first leg and cut it diagonally in the corner at 25 degrees. Note that, cut it at the thin edge of the leg. Cut all the four legs in the same direction. 

Step #6: Set The Legs With Beam

After cutting the legs of the sawhorse properly, set the legs with the beam. And use nails to attach them with the beam. 

Step #7: Attach Spreader Brace Between The Horse Legs

To give the sawhorse extra strength, attach a spreader brace between the sawhorse legs. Take the measurement of the leg distance and cut the spreader brace according to the measurement. This time, use 12d nails to attach the brace with the legs. 

Step #8: Attach Spreader Brace Between The legs and I-Beam

Now flip the sawhorse and measure the distance between the legs and the I-beam. Take a wooden piece and cut the thin edge at a 45-degree angle. Now attach the spreader brace between the beam and the legs by using Niles. 

Step #9: Check The Legs Length

After attaching the spreader brace, flip the seahorse, and check the length of the sawhorse legs. When all the legs are fitted with the ground properly, then your sawhorse is completely ready for use. 

If the legs are not properly fitted with the ground, identify the leg that is unequal in length, and trim it. Now, follow the same process to make a pair. 

That’s all about making a sawhorse at home. 

How To Make Wooden Saw Horses


  • You can use a hand saw instead of a circular saw, if you don’t have a circular saw. 
  • Use construction screws if you want more durability. 


  • Wear proper safety clothes to avoid any kind of unwanted situation.
  • Remain your hands in a safe position when operating the circular saw. 

Final verdict

Finally, making wooden sawhorses at home is a bit of a tricky task. You must need to take the correct measurement for making a perfect one. Mismeasurement can damage your woods and all of your efforts will be in vain.

You know following the steps mentioned above can truly help you to make perfect sawhorses. So, it is your turn now. 

Hopefully, from this article, you got an effective guideline on how to make wooden sawhorses. 

So, make it at home and have fun! 


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