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Do you have a wet saw and face trouble cutting tile with it? Actually operating a wet saw is not too hard but you need to understand and acquire some basic skills. 

Cutting a tile with a wet saw is really the quickest way and you will get the perfection easily. But as a newbie, cutting like professionals is a difficult task for you.

But you know, no need to be anxious. We are here to give you a proper guideline so that you can learn to cut like a professional.

If you don’t know how to cut tile with a wet saw at home, this article will let you know the necessary information in this regard. And I believe, after that, cutting a tile with a wet saw will be a facile task for you.

So, why late? Let’s explore all the basic things of cutting tile with a wet saw.

How To Cut Tile With A Wet Saw

A guide to cut tile with a wet saw

Basically, a wet saw is a package of a wooden table, an electrical motor, a diamond built blade with a plastic built protection, and a water tray. 

And if you want a water pump attached to the saw, you just need to spend a little more money. With a water pump attached to the saw gives you an accurate cut of tiles. 

Now, before going to the main fact, just look at what you will need to cut tile with a wet saw. 

Required tools: 

  • A wet saw
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Water
  • Rags
  • Goggles 
  • Hand gloves

As you’ve got all the required tools, follow the steps outlined below to get an accurate cut of tiles. 

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Mark The Cutting Area

Place your wet saw on an even surface. And before cutting the tile, take an accurate measurement of the place where you set the tiles. Indicate the cutting area over the tiles by using a marker and an L square scale. 

Step #2: Leave Spaces On All Sides Of The Tile

After indicating the cut area, leave enough space on all four sides of the tile to set the spacer around it. In addition, when you take the measurement of the last tile of a row, just ensure to leave some space (1/16 – ⅛”)  for expansion purposes. Good judgment and accurate measurement will give you the perfection of the work. 

Step #3: Pour Water In Water Tray

Now, pour some water in the water tray. Water in the tray will help you to remain the blade cool in the time of cutting. If the water tray is attached to the saw, just slide or move the wooden table and fill it. 

Step #4: Adjust The Tile With Table

Set the tile with the wooden table and adjust it with the table. A fence with the table will help you to adjust the tile with the table. 

In addition, ensure to set the widest part of the tile between the fence and the cutting blade. It will help you to remain your hand far from the cutting blade. Lock the fence to get a straight and accurate cut.

Step #5: Start The Saw

Now, Set the tile 1” away from the blade press the green button to start the saw. 

Step #6: Push The Tile Towards Blade

When the saw start, gently push the tile towards the blade. Don’t push quickly. It will damage the tile. Make sure that the blade is cutting correctly over the drawn line. Don’t forget to lift the plastic protection when the blade is running. 

Step #7: Cut The Both Sides Of The Tile

Once one side is cut, turn the tile at a 90-degree angle. Follow the same process to cut the opposite side. And before cutting the opposite side check the water tray again whether it is full or empty. Fill it if the water level decrease. 

Step #8: Turn Off The Blade

After properly cutting on both sides, turn off the blade. And remove the tile from the cutting table. Disconnect the power cable of the saw and properly clean the saw using a sponge. 

That’s all. Now the cut piece ready to set in its place.

How To Cut Tile With A Wet Saw


  1. Don’t indicate the cutting area with a permanent marker. It will be a troublesome work to remove the marks of a permanent marker. 
  2. Before cutting, ensure that the indicated line is exactly aligned with the diamond cutting blade. 
  3. Stop the blade when it reaches the last point of the marking line. 


  1. Wear hand gloves and goggles when cutting the tile. It will protect your hand and eyes from unwanted accidents. 
  2. When the tile is small, carefully cut it to remain your fingers away from the blade. 
  3. Don’t start the cutting without locking the fence tightly with the wooden table.

Final verdict

To sum up, truly operating a wet saw is a fearsome work due to the combined action of electrical connection, water and continuously spinning diamond blade. 

However, when you cope with the entire process, it’s really a simple task to cut tile with a wet saw. 

Hopefully, this article has given you an in-depth guideline on how to cut tile with a wet saw. 

Now, just plug in the wet saw and cut it!


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