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Saw blades are one of the most crucial components of a table saw. It comes in various sizes depending on the model. After a certain time, you need to change your table saw blades. If you use the table broadly, then the saw blade can loosen the sharpness and ripping capacity as well. So you are a professional, then you must need to change the table saw blade for getting the maximum performance with the table saw.

There are some essential components required for changing the table saw blade, for example, screwdriver, wrench and a small piece of wood. Most importantly, you must need a new table saw blade which you would like to replace with the old and dull one. 

The Process Of Changing The Table Saw Blades

You can easily change the table saw blades by taking the following steps.

Step 1: Turn Off The Power

Turn off the saw by placing the power switch on the table saw. For safety reasons, unplug the power cord to completely disconnect the saw from the power supply. Take some time to make sure that the table saw is fully out of power.

Step 2 – Displace The Blade Plate

First of all, you need to displace the blade plate from the table saw. For most table saw models, the leaf plate is the metal plate located on the top of the table saw.

Most blades are attached with at least a couple of screws. One of the screws are fitted within the front and another one in the back. So you need to loosen these screws in order to remove the blade plate from the table saw. After removing the blade plate, set the plate aside.

Step 3 – Displace The Blade

Want to change the table saw blade? Well, you must have to displace the blade from the table saw. Do not forget to place a piece of wood with respect to the blade for preventing a mishap.

After placing a wood piece against the blade, you have to displace the nut by using a wrench for removing the blade.

After displacing the blade, set it aside while working.

Step 4 – Install a new blade

Insert the saw blade with the blade teeth forward into the saw blade housing.

You need to wash the new plate with the finish. Then you need to set it at the right approach on the table saw. So you have to tighten the saw blade by using a wrench. In this case, you also need to place a piece of wood with respect to the saw blade for preventing accidental matter. 

table saw Install a new blade

Step 5 – Replace The Blade Plate

After successfully installing a new blade, you also need to replace the blade plate by tightening the screws with a power screwdriver. Then it will be set on the top of the table saw. 

Step 6 – Reconnect The Power

Reconnect the table saw to the power outlet to restore power for test purposes. Then turn on the table saw and make sure that the saw blade is installed properly and working efficiently.


Undoubtedly, safety would be the main concern for you. If you have any safety concerns with this regard, then do not do it yourself. Then you can hire a professional mechanic for changing your table saw blades.


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