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Ryobi is a unique and stylish power tool brand in the world. And this brand always brings the best quality saws for users. 

In addition, Ryobi saws are usually used for cutting wood and other hard materials as well. 

You know each wood project may require different types of blades when designing. But how to change Blade on Ryobi table saw. 

Well. Get relaxed. For your help, now we’re going to describe it as a guide on changing the Ryobi table saws blade.

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The Guide On How To Change Blade On Ryobi Table Saw

We have interviewed many saw experts before making this guide. And after 24-hour research on this brand Ryobi saws, we have made this guide based on users’ needs.      

Turn Off Power Unit 

You know it is a very important task that you should do when changing the blade on the Ryobi table saw. And you must do this practice whenever you will change any saw blade.  

How To Change Blade On Ryobi Table Saw

Luckily for you, each Ryobi table saw comes with all effective features. So you will be able to change the blade easily using some tools. 

Moreover, if you turn off the power unit properly, then you won’t get an injury. But if you want to do a job turning on the power line, then you can have an injury. So you make sure the power unit is totally off before changing the blade. 

Release The Blade Arm

Is your saw blade arm is down position or fully locked? Well. You easily can release the tension on the blade arm by pushing the lock slightly on the blade arm. Even you can pull out the lock pin and let the arm move upward releasing the blade arm.

Loosen The Screws Or Bolts 

It is another very effective factor that you need to consider when you will change the best Ryobi table saw blade. Because most of the Ryobi saws come with different sizes of screws and bolts. So you need to loosen them properly before changing the blade. 

Are you worrying? Cool down. Just scroll below. 

According to the Ryobi brand, each saw comes with a user’s manual that can help you to loosen the screws or bolts how you really want. Even, you can use a screwdriver or Allen key wrench for loosening them.  

Remove The Old Blade And Insert The new One

You should remove the old blade according to the instruction. 

And you need to push the spindle lock button until it fully locks the spindle.

Moreover, if your saw lock can’t be fully locked, then you can turn the spindle by using a 10mm wrench. 

How To Change Blade On Ryobi Table Saw

After removing all bolts you can use a drop of machine oil on the inner bolt washer. But you don’t take out the inner washer. 

And then you install the new blade direction wise. Double-check the right rotation arrows of the blade so that it can spin the correct direction. 

Tighten All Bolts And Screws

It is a very important task after installing a new blade. Because if you don’t tighten all screws and bolt properly, then you can get the wrong cut from your saw. So you should use a screwdriver or Allen key wrench for tightening them.

Furthermore, if you feel that your saw doesn’t work well, then you may check the blade position properly, Even you can adjust again according to user manual instruction.  

Final Thought:

Thanks for carefully reading this article. We think you have found all the effective information about how to change the blade on the Ryobi table saw. 

Importantly, we have listed some effective points above based on changing the  Ryobi saw blade. And obviously these will help you whenever you change on a Ryobi saw blade.

We also think this article can be helpful to you all. But additionally, it can be an ultimate guide for beginners who want to change Blade on Ryobi Table saw.   


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