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Do you have a Ryobi table saw and aren’t getting the expected result from the blade of the saw? Then be happy, you are going to get a good solution here.

You know when the blade is damaged then you do not get the expected result. Due to regular use, the blade of the table saw lost its cutting ability. The blade becomes blunt and sometimes it becomes damaged. 

So, what should you do in such a situation? I think you guess something. Yes,  you are right. You need to change the blade to run the saw flawlessly. 

But have you any idea how to change a Ryobi table saw blade? 

If you have no idea, then should you be panicked? No way. nothing to be anxious about. 

Because In this article, you will get all the possible solutions in this regard. 

Let’s see what’s new is waiting for you. 

How To Change A Ryobi Table Saw Blade

The process to change a Ryobi table saw blade

The changing process of the Ryobi table saw blade is simple. You will approximately need 10-15 minutes to change the blade. But you must be very careful when you change the blade.

But before changing the blade, collect all the necessary tools that you need to change the saw blade. Let’s have a look at what you need.

Required tools:

  • New table saw blade
  • A wrench 
  • A screwdriver
  • A hammer
  • Hand gloves 
  • Goggles

Now, it’s time to change the blade. Let’s change it. Follow the steps outlined below to complete the task.

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Disconnect The Power Cable

Disconnect the power cable of the saw. Then wait until the blade is stopped. But do not stop the blade with the bare hand. If the blade is hot, give it time to cool. 

Remove the blade guard. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws attached to the blade guard. 

Step #2: Hold The Blade With Screwdriver

Now, you need a screwdriver or a wrench to hold the blade in its position. This will help you when you will remove the blade. 

Step #3: Insert The Screwdriver At The Blade Hole

You will find a small hole in the edge of the blade. Place a screwdriver to hold the blade in its position. Otherwise, the blade will spin when you will make the attempt to change it. Or place a wrench behind the blade to stop the spinning of the blade in the time of changing. 

Step #4: Set The Wrench With Center Nut

Take the wrench to remove the center nut of the saw. Now set the wrench with the center nut. Carefully operate the wrench because when you remove the nut your hand will then be very close to the blade.

Step #5: Use Hammer If Jammed

Pull the wrench towards you. Sometimes the center nut is jammed due to dirt. If you are unable to pull the wrench, just use a hammer. Hold the wrench in one hand and hit the wrench with the hammer. It will loosen the nut easily. 

Step #6: Bring Out The Center Nut

When the nut is loosened, use your hand to bring out the nut. Bring out the washer also. Keep the nut and the washer in a safe place.

Step #7: Remove The Old Blade

Lower the blade and slide the blade from the center to remove the blade. 

Step #8: Install The New Blade

Now it’s time to install the new blade. When you install the new blade, take note of the rotation. Note that the points of the blade edge are always towards you. 

Step #9: Replace The Washer And Nut

Carefully set the new blade into the center position because the blade is sharp. Replace the washer and nut back to their previous position. Tighten the center nut by using the wrench. 

You need to be more careful when tightening the nut because the new blade is sharper than the older blade. Tighten the nut as much as possible.

Step #10: Replace The Blade Guard

Remove the screwdriver or wrench from the behind of the blade. Replace the blade guard and tighten the screws of the blade guard by using the screwdriver. 

How To Change A Ryobi Table Saw Blade


  1. Wear hand gloves when uninstalling the old blade and installing the new blade.
  2. Carefully operate the wrench to avoid any kind of injury. 

Final verdict

Changing a Ryobi table saw blade is not quite a tough task. However, you must be more careful when making the replacement of the blade.

You can do it yourself at home. There is no need to call a technician to do this.  This will save your expanse and increase your skill as well.

Hopefully, from this article, you have got all the necessary information on how to change a Ryobi table saw blade.

Now, Just change the blade conveniently and have fun!


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