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Circular saw is an extremely useful power tool for cutting a variety of materials. If you use it for a specific purpose, then you do not need to change the blade frequently. It may need to change the circular saw blade after a long term use.  

If you use the circular saw for multi-purpose, then it must need to change the circular saw blade most frequently. Because different blades are specialized for different cuts. So if you need to make several cuts in a day, you must change the specific blade for each of the cuts.

If you are the person who needs to change the circular saw blade several times in a day, this tutorial is for you. 

If you’re making lots of different cuts and like to use specialized blades, then it’ll be important that you can change them quickly and easily.

How To Sharpen A Circular Saw Blade

Here You will learn How to Change A Circular Saw Blade

Changing the circular saw blade is pretty simple: just need to remove the blade and replace it with a new one. This article will teach you how to change the circular saw blade step-by-step. More specifically, you can easily and quickly change the circular saw blade yourself with the following steps.

Step 1:

First of all, disconnect the circular saw from the power sources if it is corded circular saw. Dismiss the battery in terms of a cordless circular saw. It is a crucial step for sure.

Step 2:

Put the circular saw on a safer surface. Then take off the blade guard in order to expose the saw blade. 

If your circular saw is equipped with an arbor lock, then you can use it. 

You may know the blade is placed on the arbr or shaft, and it is fitted with nuts or screws. So you need to loosen the nut or screws with wrench or screwdrivers.

If your circular saw is not featured with an arbor lock, then you can simply place the blade on a wooden surface for further use.

Step 3:

Now you need to place the wrench on the arbor nut, and revolve the wrench in the same direction of blade until it is unscrewed. Most of the circular saw models include wrench with the package. With the best wrench, you can loosen the nut or screw with ease. You have to rotate the wrench in clockwise for a worm drive saw. On the other hand, you have to revolve the wrench in counterclockwise for a direct drive saw. After loosening the nut, you can simply take the blade off. 

Step 4:

It is the time to place your new blade onto the arbor and rotate the wrench in the opposite direction of blade turns. 

Rotate the wrench until the nut is tightened. Make sure the proper tightening: not too much or not too less. Because both are risky.

After the proper tightening, it is okay to use.

Step 5:

To test the new circular saw blade, you have to connect the circular saw with the power outlet. If it is corded circular saw, then assemble the battery again. Then make a cut for testing purposes. If the new blade is placed securely and properly and there is no vibrations or noise, then it’s okay to use. 

Video: How To Change Circular Saw Blades


If you are expert enough, then it is fun for you to change a circular saw blade. If you are a complete DIYers, then it will also be easy and fun for you thanks to this useful guide.

With these simple 5 steps, anyone can change the circular saw blade. Our tutorial is designed for standard circular saw, cordless and corded circular saw.   

It is worth mentioning that you have to make sure that you replace the saw blade with proper size. For instance, make sure the 10-inch circular saw blade is replaced with the blade with the same size. 


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