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Are you a newcomer to the Ryobi cordless circular saw world? Then you must know that operating a cordless saw is quite easier than a corded saw. 

You know in a cordless saw, you never think about the cord that sometimes creates difficulties in the time of cutting your materials. 

I guess you want a flawless start of your Ryobi cordless circular saw. That’s the reason you are here. Right? Ok. I will let you get the flawless start. 

Actually starting a Ryobi cordless circular saw is not a troublesome task. You just need to follow this article to start the saw in an easier way. 

Because in this article, I will give you a proper guideline on how do you start a Ryobi cordless circular saw. 

So, without wasting time, let’s start the saw. 

The process to start a Ryobi cordless circular saw

It’s not a big deal to start a Ryobi cordless circular saw. A few simple steps can help you to start the saw in a few seconds. And as the saw has a blade, you need to be more careful when starting the saw. 

Now, follow the step- by- step process to start the saw. 

How Do You Start A Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Adjust The Blade Depth

Before starting the saw, place the saw over the cutting material and adjust the blade depth. Loosen the depth lock knob and adjust the blade depth. Make sure the blade teeth are no more a quarter-inch below your cutting material. Tighten the depth lock knob securely. 

Step #2: Install Saw Battery

Now, install the battery with the saw when you are using a cordless saw. And if you use a corded saw, just plug it in and make sure that you keep the cord at your side or back that is never in your working area. 

Step #3: Start The Saw

Press the blade guard lock-off button and the trigger to start the saw. When you press the trigger the blade will start to spin and the saw is ready for cutting your materials. 

That’s all about the starting process of the Ryobi cordless circular saw. 

 Start A Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw


  • Wear proper safety clothes before operating the saw. 
  • Keep your hands away from the blade to avoid any kind of unforeseen accidents. 

Final verdict

Starting a Ryobi cordless saw is a simple task. However, if you omit any of the above-mentioned processes you may face some difficulties. 

Always be careful about the blade of the saw and don’t forget to remove the battery after operating the saw. 

I hope, from this article, you understood how do you start a Ryobi cordless circular saw. 

So, why late? Start it and Have fun!


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