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Is your Dewalt track saw blade blunt or damaged? You know a blunt or damaged blade let you down. And with a blunt or damaged blade, you won’t be able to cut the woods according to your needs.

A damaged blade is even sometimes dangerous for you. It may kick back the wood and injure you. So, will you carry this burden with you? I  guess your answer is no. That’s why you are looking for help to replace the blade.

No need to be anxious. You are in the right place. Here, we have a guideline for you on the Dewalt track saw how to replace the blade. 

So, without going here and there, keep reading to gather the necessary information in this regard. 

Dewalt Track Saw How To Replace Blade

The process to replace the blade on Dewalt track saw

The replacing process of the blade is fast, easy, and simple. But when changing the blade, you need to be more careful about your hands because you are dealing with the blade. And you will approximately need 3-5 minutes to complete the task. 

But before replacing the blade, let’s find out what tools you will be required to do the task.

Required tools: 

  • A hex screw
  • A new blade
  • Hand gloves 
  • Goggles

Now, it’s time to replace the blade. 

Steps to follow:

Step #1: Remove The Battery

At first, remove the battery of the saw. It will prevent the saw from a sudden start. 

Step #2: Press The Trigger Lock

Press the trigger lock button. You will find the trigger lock button beside the handle of the saw. 

Step #3: Lock The Spindle Lever

Then plunge the saw and rotate the spindle lever to lock the plunge position. 

Step #4: Remove The Hex Screw And Washer

Now take the hex screw to loosen the center screw of the blade. Place the hex screw on the center screw of the blade and rotate it anti-clockwise to remove the screw from the blade. Remove the washer also. Keep the screw and the washer into a safe place. 

Step #5: Remove The Old Blade

Remove the old blade from the saw. Now, you are ready to install the new blade. 

Step #6: Install The New Blade

Take the new blade. Note that the edge point of the blade always remains towards the front side of the saw. Check the rotation of the blade. You will find the rotation indicator in the body of the blade. 

Step #7: Replace The Washer And Center Screw

Place the new blade in its position. Replace the washer and center screw. Tighten the screw by using the hex screw. Rotate the hex screw clockwise to tighten the screw. 

Step #8: Unlock The Spindle Lever And Trigger Lock

When the new blade is installed properly, unlock the spindle lever and the trigger lock button. Place the battery in its previous position. 

Now, your saw is ready to cut all of your woods. 

Dewalt Track Saw How To Replace Blade


  1. To reduce the risk of injury, turn the unit off and disconnect it from the power source before installing and removing any accessories. 
  2. Always use safety glasses and rubber made hand gloves to avoid any kind of unwanted injury. 

Final verdict

Replacing the blade of the Dewalt track saw is not a laborious task, you know. You can easily handle it at home. 

If you just follow the above-mentioned process, you don’t need to call any technician to replace the blade. But don’t forget about caution when you are dealing with the blade.  

Hopefully, You got the necessary information on the Dewalt track saw how to replace the blade.  

Now, it is your turn. Replace the blade and enjoy a sharp cut with it!


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