How To Change The Blade On The Porter Cable Cordless Circular Saw

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A few days ago, I changed my Porter cable cordless circular saw blade. It’s really not a big deal to change the blade. But you know without a proper guideline you may face some difficulties. 

A proper guideline is similar to a lighthouse which shows you the right direction. I guess you are looking for the right guideline and that’s why you are here. Right? 

You know a sharp blade is always a vital part of a saw. Without the sharp blade, your saw becomes a worthless tool to you. 

So, would you make your saw a worthless tool just for a dull blade? I guess you won’t. 

That’s why I will try to give you the right guideline on how to change the blade on the Porter Cable cordless circular saw. 

Let’s see how to change it. 

The process to change the blade on the Porter cable cordless circular saw

It’s actually not a tough task to change the blade on the porter cable cordless circular saw. It approximately takes 5-10 minutes to change the blade. 

Before changing the blade, You need some tools to complete the entire task conveniently. Now, let’s have a look at the required tools that you need to change the blade. 

Required tools: 

  • A new blade
  • Socket wrench 
  • Hand gloves 
  • Goggles 

You are all set now. Let’s change the blade of your Porter Cable cordless circular saw. Follow the step by step process to change the blade without difficulty. 

How To Change The Blade On The Porter Cable Cordless Circular Saw

Steps to follow: 

Step #1: Remove The Saw Battery

At first, remove the battery from the saw to make sure that the saw won’t start accidentally in the time of blade changing. 

Step #2: Lock The Spindle

Lock the spindle by pressing the lock button. It will help you to remove the center nut easily. Hold the spindle lock button until the center bolt is fully removed from the saw. 

Step #3: Remove The Blade Center Bolt And Washer

Now, take the socket wrench and set it on the center bolt of the blade. Rotate the wrench anticlockwise to loosen the bolt. Remove the bolt and the washer as well from the saw blade. Depress the spindle lock button. 

Step #4: Bring Out The Old Blade

After removing the center bolt, open the blade guard. It’s time to remove the old blade. Bring out the old blade from the saw. Clean the blade guard if there is any wood dust remaining. 

Step #5: Install The New Blade

Take the new blade and place the blade in the saw. Make sure that the teeth of the blade point in the direction shown by the arrow on the upper guard. After placing the new blade, lower the blade guard. 

Step #6: Replace The Washer

Replace the washer. Note that, always fit the flat side of the washer to the saw blade. 

Step #7: Replace The Center Bolt

Replace the center bolt also. Again lock the spindle by pressing the spindle lock button. Take the socket wrench and tighten the bolt by rotating the wrench clockwise. 

Step #8: Reinstall The Battery

Reinstall the battery of the saw and the saw is now completely ready for cutting your materials. 

That’s all about changing the blade of your Porter Cable cordless circular saw. 


  • Before purchasing a new blade, note down the diameter of the old blade, arbor diameter as well as the RPM of the saw. 


  • Don’t forget to wear hand gloves when removing the old blade and install the new blade. 
  • Don’t over tighten the center bolt. 
Change The Blade On The Porter Cable Cordless Circular Saw

Final verdict

Now, I think it’s no more a tough task for you to change the blade of Porter Cable cordless circular saw. Basically it’s not a difficult task to do it at home by yourself. 

You don’t need an expert or anyone to change the blade. Just manage a few times and do it yourself. 

Hopefully, from this article, you got the right idea about how to change the blade on the Porter Cable cordless circular saw. 

So, change it, and enjoy cutting! 

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